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Jerry Curl lace closure is the most versatile of all, it can be curled with a curling iron, or straightened with a flat iron. This texture can be worn with anything and is the most popular.

Our 100% Virgin Human Hair comes in lengths from 8″-30″. With each one of our bundles, you will notice the weave has a natural taper at the end. Each bundle has been collected from one individual donor with all cuticles intact. All our Virgin Body Wave Hair has undergone strict quality assurance processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Our 7A Virgin Body Wave comes in Natural Black and will last up to one year with the proper care and maintenance.

Quality: 7A (100% Virgin Remy Human Hair)

Texture: Body Wave

Each bundle is 100% HUMAN HAIR and weigh 100g/3.5OZ

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Proper Hair Maintenance:

Do not over bleach hair. Each bundle should only be bleached once but can be colored as many times as you like. Over bleaching will remove the cuticles and cause matting and tangling
Curly hair should always be styled using your hand instead of a brush
Never sleep with wet hair. Wrap to prevent tangling
Wash with conditioner and spray with moisturizing oil such as argan or coconut oil to prevent dryness and shedding
What is Virgin/Non-Virgin and Remy/Non-Remy?

Virgin hair is hair that has never been processed with chemicals. Virgin hair has its cuticles intact and is cut from a single donor resulting in very high quality extensions.

Remy refers to the hair having all cuticles facing in the same direction. This makes the hair feel smoother and more natural.

One way of determining if the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction is to run your fingers along a couple strand of hair from weft to tip. Then run your fingers from the tip to weft. If it feels slightly rougher, then the cuticles are in the same direction. Chemically processed hair will have their cuticles destroyed, feeling smooth in both directions. Remy hair will feel softer, shine naturally and last longer.

Color Guide:

Here are some of our most popular colors eCowboy. For all colors, click “See other items” under Seller information on the top left.

Note: Colors may appear different depending on the color settings on your monitor.

Tips When Dying Your Hair:

When dying a you hair a darker color than it already is, a box color will work fine or the dye and developer can be bought separately.

For dying your hair a lighter shade, be sure to use a strong developer. A 40 developer is recommended or you may need to use bleach depending on how light you want it.

Only Natural Black 1B takes in color well as it is natural and unprocessed, it will depend with other colors.

Makes sure your extensions are completely dry and clean. ALWAYS do a test with a few strands to make sure it comes out the way you want. Mix the dye with the developer, or if using bleach, mix the bleach with the developer.

Be sure to evenly coat all strands of hair with the dye mixture. Follow hair dye instructions to determine how long to wait before washing out the dye.

When washing out the dye, it is best to use cold water. Do not vigorously rub the hair together. Put the extension under running water and gently run your hands through the hair under the water is coming out completely clean. It is recommended that you let the extension dry naturally before styling or installing.

Take to your stylist for the best results

Return Policy:

Buyer can return the order up to 30 days after receiving the order
All returns must be in original condition
Please return all items in their original packaging
Once we receive your returned item, a refund will be processed within 2-5 business days


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Jerry Curl 4*4 Closure

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